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Bad English from a real French

Hello everybody,

For some time now, my English-speaking friends have been telling me quite often : “Oh, I wish I could read your blog, but I don’t understand French at all”. For this reason and others (like practicing my English), I have decided to write some posts in both French and English.

I am aware that my English isn’t perfect! By the way, when I have to speak English with my friends, I am a little bit shy (which is very different from when I speak my own language!). But I won’t be shy here, because it’s my blog, my little world. So if you want to read bad English from a real French girl, if you care more about beauty/fashion/traveling than grammar: Welcome!


If you enjoy reading my blog in English, feel free to let me know in the comments!

Soyez les bienvenus,


Le Poudrier de Fleur

Fleur Fournier

Je m’appelle Fleur et je suis rédactrice du blog depuis juillet 2014.



    J’adore ce nouveau logo 🙂

  • Resi

    Hi Fleur! I think your blog is brilliant… very much like you.
    Best decision ever- to write in English as well as in French.
    🙂 Resi
    P.s. You’re having one follower more. 😉


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